Archive: 10/10/2005

Deep sleep may be in your genes

Swiss scientists at the University of Zurich say they've identified a genetic variation that may explain why some people sleep better than others.

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Simplest known animals engage in sex

A Yale University study suggests even the most simple of animals engage in sex. Ana Signorovitch and colleagues have demonstrated placozoans, the simplest known free-living animals, undergo a sexual phase in their life cycle.

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Intel Ships Multi-Core Server Platforms

Intel Corporation today announced the availability of its first dual-core, hyper-threaded Intel Xeon processor for dual processor servers. The new processor helps to improve the performance and response time of multi-threaded ...

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Sony Ericsson unveils UMTS P990 smartphone

Sony Ericsson emphasised its continued commitment to Symbian OS today with the announcement of its next generation smartphone to the global development community. The P990 will be the first commercially available ...

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Few note virtualization's 'stealthy creep'

Virtualization, a concept that replaces the old model of a computer as a single “box” running only its own operating system and storing only its own data in its own format, is likely to revolutionize the IT industry.

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Spin Structure of Protons and Neutrons

Normally, we think of building blocks as static objects. For instance, the brick and mortar used to build the local bank remain pretty much the same from the day it's built to the day it's torn down. But the ...

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NMR Technology Comes to the Lab on a Chip

A breakthrough in the technology of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), one of the most powerful analytic tools known to science, is opening the door to new applications in microfluidic chips, devices for studying ...

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