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Crab nabbed; circumstances fishy

MIT researchers have confirmed the first sighting of a Dungeness crab in the Atlantic Ocean. The male, whose species is common on North America's West Coast, was caught off Thatcher Island, Massachusetts, on ...

Aug 10, 2006
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New light microscope sharpens scientists' focus

A new light microscope so powerful that it allows scientists peering inside cells to discern the precise location of nearly each individual protein they are studying has been developed and successfully demonstrated by scientists ...

Aug 10, 2006
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30-year puzzle solved: Light guides flight of migratory birds

Songbirds use multiple sources of directional cues to guide their seasonal migrations, including the Sun, star patterns, the earth's magnetic field, and sky polarized light patterns. To avoid navigational errors as cue availability ...

Aug 10, 2006
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Detector can count atom by atom

More than 80 years have passed since Louis de Broglie discovered that matter can act like a wave as well as a particle. With advances in technology, scientists have recently begun exploiting this strange property ...

Aug 10, 2006 feature
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Time of Day Tempers Tadpoles' Response to Predators

To a tiny tadpole, life boils down to two basic missions: eat, and avoid being eaten. But there's a trade-off. The more a tadpole eats, the faster it grows big enough to transform into a frog; yet finding food requires being ...

Aug 10, 2006
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Herceptin effective in breast cancer cells with low HER-2 levels

Northwestern University researchers have discovered that the monoclonal antibody Herceptin (trastuzumab) used in combination with certain cancer chemotherapies effectively treats breast cancer tumors that produce low or undetectable ...

Aug 10, 2006
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1000th sungrazing comet discovered by SOHO

Polish amateur comet hunter Arkadiusz Kubczak recently discovered his third comet in SOHO LASCO coronagraph images, but this one was special: the 1000th SOHO comet discovery in the Kreutz group of sungrazing ...

Aug 10, 2006
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Encoded Metallic Nanowires Reveal Bioweapons

When dangerous infectious diseases or biological weapons are suspected, fast help is required. The first step is a reliable, sensitive, and unambiguous, yet also fast and simple, identification of the pathogen; preferably, ...

Aug 10, 2006
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Texts to reveal 'Whodunnit'

Psychologists at the University of Leicester are to investigate texting language to provide new tools for criminal investigation.

Aug 10, 2006
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Small waves can produce monster waves

Normal waves can unexpectedly turn into waves the size of a ten-story building. What’s more, these monster waves arise many times more rapidly than was previously thought. This has been shown by researchers at Umea University ...

Aug 10, 2006
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