Archive: 07/10/2008

Researchers hack final part of the immune system code

A group of researchers from the University of Copenhagen and the Biocentre at the Technical University of Denmark have managed to decipher the final part of the immune system’s key codes.

Jul 10, 2008
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Multitasking nanotechnology

Confocal microscope image of a self-assembled monolayer of a polychlorotriphenyl methyl radical patterned on a quartz surface. This multifunctional molecule behaves as an electroactive switch with optical and magnetic response.

Jul 10, 2008
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Sewing DNA thread with lasers, hooks and microbobbins

( -- Japanese scientists have made a micro-sized sewing machine to sew long threads of DNA into shape. The work published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Lab on a Chip demonstrates a uniq ...

Jul 10, 2008
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