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Good News About $4 Gas? Fewer Traffic Deaths

As unwelcome as they are, higher gasoline prices do come with a plus side – fewer deaths from car accidents, says a researcher at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

dateJul 10, 2008 in Other
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Water: The forgotten crisis

This year, the world and, in particular, developing countries and the poor have been hit by both food and energy crises. As a consequence, prices for many staple foods have risen by up to 100%. When we examine the causes ...

dateJul 10, 2008 in Environment
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Seeking the roots of collective cooperation

No one enjoys paying taxes. Even so, we need taxes if we want our streets clean, a proper public health care system, an educated population or the maintenance of Earth’s climate within habitable boundaries. This is what ...

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Wilkins Ice Shelf hanging by its last thread

The Wilkins Ice Shelf is experiencing further disintegration that is threatening the collapse of the ice bridge connecting the shelf to Charcot Island. Since the connection to the island in the image centre ...

dateJul 10, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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RNA emerges from DNA's shadow

RNA, the transporter of genetic information within the cell, has emerged from the shadow of DNA to become one of the hottest research areas of molecular biology, with implications for many diseases as well as understanding ...

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