Archive: 04/10/2006

Hi-tech tunnels ads, an alternative to TV

Imagine watching a man being pulled by a team of dogs as you travel in a metro train under the streets of Washington, D.C. That's what the Travel Channel hopes when metro riders see its new 15-second motion-picturesque advertising ...

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Scientists Find 'Aha!' Favors a Prepared Mind

Why do "Aha!" moments sometimes come easily and sometimes not at all? A new study reveals that patterns of brain activity before people even see a problem predict whether they will solve it with or without ...

Apr 10, 2006 4.6 / 5 (47) 0

Nanoparticles armed to combat cancer

Ultra-small particles loaded with medicine - and aimed with the precision of a rifle - are offering a promising new way to strike at cancer, according to researchers working at MIT and Brigham and Women's Hospital.

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Swisscom faces fine by Swiss government

Swisscom has flatly rejected accusations by the Swiss government that it has deliberately and systematically overcharged foreign competitors for using its network. Whether or not the Swiss carrier is found guilty as charged, ...

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Piecing together the Medieval Middle East

An important collection of ancient Jewish and Arabic documents, equal in significance to the Dead Sea Scrolls, and discovered as fragments in an old storeroom, has received a major grant for its upkeep. The Taylor-Schechter ...

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First Response Guidance For Dirty Bomb Scenario

If a so-called “dirty bomb” exploded in a populated area, first responders would have to make immediate decisions to lessen health impacts on people who might be exposed to radioactive material. In a cover article in ...

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