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High school physics enrollment hits record high

"More U.S. high-school students are taking physics than ever before, and the number of physics bachelor's degree recipients in the nation has increased 31 percent since 2000, according to new data presented today by the American ...

Jan 10, 2007
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A New Reflection in the Mirror

A research group has devised a new type of mirror that reverses the magnetic field of a light wave upon reflection, rather than its electric field, as regular mirrors do. Seems like a minor difference? It's ...

Jan 10, 2007 feature
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Big-brained birds survive better in nature

Birds with brains that are large in relation to their body size have a lower mortality rate than those with smaller brains, according to new research published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sc ...

Jan 10, 2007
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