Archive: 10/01/2007

Hubble Sees Star Cluster 'Infant Mortality'

Astronomers have long known that young or "open" star clusters must eventually disrupt and dissolve into the host galaxy. They simply don't have enough gravity to hold them together, unlike their much more massive cousins, ...

dateJan 10, 2007 in Astronomy
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Secrets of the Heart's Signals

Natalia Trayanova's research team works on understanding the heart's natural electrical signaling process. The director of the Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab, she is a faculty member in the biomedical engineering ...

dateJan 10, 2007 in Medical research
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Sexual Selection Not Just for Males Anymore

The antlers of a bull elk, the great bulk of a male elephant seal, the lion’s mane, have all evolved due to competition for reproductive success. These products of “sexual selection” are typically found in male animals. ...

dateJan 10, 2007 in
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