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Can heart disease treatments combat AMD?

Can treatments that reduce risks for cardiovascular disease (CVD) also help combat age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an eye disease that affects millions of Americans? CVD and AMD share some risk factors-such as smoking, ...

Dec 01, 2009
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Are the effects of pornography negligible?

A Université de Montréal researcher, funded by the Interdisciplinary Research Center on Family Violence and Violence Against Women, has launched a new study to examine the effects of pornography on men. "We ...

Dec 01, 2009
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Brown fat cells make 'spare tires' shrink

( -- Scientists at the University of Bonn have found a new signalling pathway which stimulates the production and function of so-called brown fat cells. They propose using these cells that serve as a "natural ...

Dec 01, 2009
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Will copper keep us safe from the superbugs?

Three papers scheduled for publication in the January issue of the Journal of Hospital Infection, published by Elsevier, suggest that copper might have a role in the fight against healthcare-associated infections.

Dec 01, 2009
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WHO approves Glaxo's swine flu shot

(AP) -- Drug giant GlaxoSmithKline says one of its swine flu vaccines has been certified by the World Health Organization, making it available for donors to buy for developing countries.

Dec 01, 2009
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