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A Brief History of Solar Sails

sō’lar sāil, n. - A gossamer material that, when unfurled in the vacuum of space, feels the pressure of sunlight and propelled by said pressure may carry a ship among the stars.

dateAug 01, 2008 in Space Exploration
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When our protective armor shows weakness

New knowledge points to the fact that a genetically induced lack of filaggrin, a key protein of the skin barrier, plays a decisive role in the origin of allergies. In a large study on more than 3000 school-children scientists ...

dateAug 01, 2008 in Genetics
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Nano sculptures in gold

If someone is charged up, the colour of their face might change, but they don't immediately pull off one of their arms, only to reattach it as a third leg. With some molecules, however, the situation is quite ...

dateAug 01, 2008 in Nanophysics
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Long work hours widen the gender gap

Working overtime has a disproportionate impact on women in dual-earner households, exacerbating gender inequality and supporting the "separate sphere" phenomenon in which men are the breadwinners while women tend to the home, ...

dateAug 01, 2008 in Other
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