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Probing Question: How do antioxidants work?

Blueberries, pomegranates, green tea and dark chocolate -- these are just some of the antioxidant-rich "superfoods" found in almost any supermarket today. As well as improving our general health, there is growing evidence ...

dateAug 01, 2008 in Health
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Researcher finds that women are speaking up

( -- There's a whole industry of books and seminars that hinge on the premise that women somehow need to be "fixed" when it comes to communication and must change the way they talk and behave to advance their ...

dateAug 01, 2008 in Other
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Unravelling breast cancer susceptibility

( -- Scientists at St Andrews University's Bute Medical School are investigating a vital link between radiation sensitivity and breast cancer susceptibility.

dateAug 01, 2008 in Cancer
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Tracking down abrupt climate changes

In an article in the scientific magazine Nature Geosciences, the geoscientists Achim Brauer, Peter Dulski and Jörg Negendank, (emeritus Professor) from the GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Gerald Haug from the DF ...

dateAug 01, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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Cutting the brakes on the immune system

Your immune system may have more in common with a Corvette than you thought. When a virus or bacteria enters a human body, the immune system revs up to fight and expel the invader. Once the invader is gone, the body puts ...

dateAug 01, 2008 in Genetics
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