Archive: 05/1/2008

Scripps Oceanography Research pegs ID of red tide killer

Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego have identified a potential “red tide killer.” Red tides and related phenomena in which microscopic algae accumulate rapidly in dense ...

May 01, 2008
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Male seahorses are nature's Mr. Mom, researchers say

Male seahorses are nature’s real-life Mr. Moms – they take fathering to a whole new level: Pregnancy. Although it is common for male fish to play the dominant parenting role, male pregnancy is a complex process unique ...

May 01, 2008
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Female jumping spiders find ultraviolet B rays 'sexy'

A report publishing online on May 1st in the journal Current Biology provides the first evidence of an animal using ultraviolet B (UVB) rays to communicate with other members of its species.

May 01, 2008
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Discovery has implications for heart disease

A study, led by University of Iowa researchers, reveals a new dimension for a key heart enzyme and sheds light on an important biological pathway involved in cell death in heart disease. The study, published in the May 2 ...

May 01, 2008
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New type of pulsating white dwarf star discovered

University of Texas at Austin astronomers Michael H. Montgomery and Kurtis A. Williams, along with graduate student Steven DeGennaro, have predicted and confirmed the existence of a new type of variable star, ...

May 01, 2008
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The sweet world of soil microbiology

Using classroom, hands-on activities can help instructors to communicate difficult scientific concepts and stimulate student thinking. Despite its importance, the diversity in soil microbes can conceptually be difficult to ...

May 01, 2008
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