Archive: 05/1/2008

The technology to make 'Speed Racer' cars

The opening of the new “Speed Racer” movie coming out nationally on May 9 has meant weeks of fast-paced fun for 8 juniors in the University of Cincinnati’s internationally recognized School of Design, part of UC’s ...

May 01, 2008
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Wakame waste

Bacteria that feed on seaweed could help in the disposal of pollutants in the world's oceans, according to a new study by researchers in China and Japan. The discovery is reported in the International Journal of Biotechnology.

May 01, 2008
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Searching the heavens -- GLAST

A new space mission, due to launch this month, is going to shed light on some of the most extreme astrophysical processes in nature - including pulsars, remnants of supernovae, and supermassive black holes. It could even ...

May 01, 2008
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New technique accelerates biological image analysis

Researchers in Carnegie Mellon University’s Lane Center for Computational Biology have discovered how to significantly speed up critical steps in an automated method for analyzing cell cultures and other biological specimens.

May 01, 2008
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The 'choking game,' psychological distress and bullying

Ontario’s youth are experiencing a different kind of high -- approximately seven percent (an estimated 79,000 students in grades 7 to 12) report participating in a thrill-seeking activity called the “choking game”, ...

May 01, 2008
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