Archive: 03/1/2011

Don't underestimate the power of herbal teas

Those who enjoy the caffeinated lift that comes from drinking traditional coffees and teas may tend to overlook the benefits of drinking herbal infusions. Now, as explained in this month's issue of Agricultural Research magazi ...

dateMar 01, 2011 in Health
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Answers to a rare and tragic form of epilepsy

A new study offers critical insight into the biochemistry of a rare and fatal form of epilepsy known as Lafora disease, a genetic condition that typically strikes children in their teens. The disease is characterized ...

dateMar 01, 2011 in Medical research
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Study links vitamin D to lung cancer survival

Recent research suggests vitamin D may be able to stop or prevent cancer. Now, a new study finds an enzyme that plays a role in metabolizing vitamin D can predict lung cancer survival.

dateMar 01, 2011 in Cancer
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