Archive: 02/1/2006

New 'planet' is larger than Pluto

Claims that the Solar System has a tenth planet are bolstered by the finding by a group lead by Bonn astrophysicists that this alleged planet, announced last summer and tentatively named 2003 UB313, is bigger ...

Feb 01, 2006
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High hopes for Bush's tech initiative

It may not be easy to win support for his plans for Iraq or for healthcare reform, but President Bush's proposal to beef up U.S. strength in science and technology could well be one of the few issues that might garner bipartisan ...

Feb 01, 2006
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Outsourcing becoming knowledge outsourcing

Embracing technology as a driving force, knowledge and transaction outsourcing is changing the way businesses conduct themselves in the global marketplace.

Feb 01, 2006
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Bulldog field tests ADSL2-plus for U.K.

Britain's Bulldog Communications is field testing a high-speed ADSL2-plus broadband system it hopes to launch commercially before the end of the quarter.

Feb 01, 2006
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Report: China Mobile cool on 3G standard

China's adoption of a homegrown technical standard for third-generation (3G) wireless service might not be as done a deal as the industry had assumed.

Feb 01, 2006
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Study evaluates placebo effectiveness

Harvard Medical School scientists who usually use placebos to test a new treatment's effectiveness have conducted a trial testing placebos.

Feb 01, 2006
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The Web: Traffic 'toll' contentious

The surviving Baby Bells -- Verizon, Bell South and AT&T/SBC -- have disclosed that they may someday charge new fees to digital businesses, sites like Google and Yahoo!, that generate substantial traffic on the Internet. ...

Feb 01, 2006
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Satellite radar reveals ever-changing face of the ocean

Radar satellites such as ESA's Envisat and ERS-2 maintain constant watch on the Earth's surface, their signals able to cut through clouds, rain or darkness. This surveillance extends beyond the land to the ...

Feb 01, 2006
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