Archive: 02/1/2006

Study: African lions slowly disappearing

It may still be "king of the beasts," but the African lion's kingdom is shrinking, the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society reported.

Feb 01, 2006
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Evolution mystery: Spider venom and bacteria share same toxin

It's a case of evolutionary detective work. Biology researchers at Lewis & Clark College and the University of Arizona have found evidence for an ancient transfer of a toxin between ancestors of two very dissimilar organisms--spiders ...

Feb 01, 2006
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U.S. ITER Project Office Is Relocating to ORNL

The U.S. project office for ITER, a major international fusion experiment, is relocating from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory to Oak Ridge National Laboratory to optimize the roles of the two Department of Energy national lab ...

Feb 01, 2006
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Cancer is threatening Tasmanian devils

Australian scientists say a deadly facial-tumor disease threatening a carnivorous Australian marsupial known as the Tasmanian devil might be infectious.

Feb 01, 2006
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Cosmic archeology

As human beings, its easy to feel big - we have machines that allow us to see particles that are less than a billionth of a metre big, we've built towering skyscrapers hundreds of metres tall, we fly thousands ...

Feb 01, 2006
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Astronaut Conducts Protein Crystal Experiment on Space Station

Expedition 12 Commander and NASA Science Officer Bill McArthur activated the Protein Crystal Growth Monitoring by Digital Holographic Microscope for the International Space Station, or PromISS-4 experiment on Jan. 19. It ...

Feb 01, 2006
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Reducing prices at gas pump goal of UH engineers

Developing radios no larger than a grain of sand to increase the drilling efficiency of oil wells, University of Houston engineers see promise for reducing prices at the gas pump.

Feb 01, 2006
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Molecular force field helps cancer cells defend against attack

Much as the famed starship Enterprise would deploy a deflector shield to evade enemy attack, tumor cells are capable of switching on a molecular force field of their own to fend off treatments aimed at killing them. Now University ...

Feb 01, 2006
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Study: Malaria outbreaks can be forecast

A British study suggests malaria epidemics can be predicted up to five months in advance by using a climate forecasting computer model.

Feb 01, 2006
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Nano this, Nano that, what the...

Nano has officially become the most misused word in the English language. Everything from the Ipod Nano to anything smaller than a Mac truck gets “nanoed” by clueless – or savvy, take your pick – marketing ...

Feb 01, 2006 feature
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