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Flowering Signal Found

The signal that causes plants to flower, or "florigen," has been identified by researchers at UC Davis, the University of Arizona, Tucson, and collaborators in New Zealand and Mexico.

Jun 09, 2007
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The great recycler -- planet Earth

In the current edition of leading science journal Nature, an international team of researchers publishes proof that the Earth recycles portions of its own crust, driving it deep down into the mantle of the ...

Jun 09, 2007
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A bug man's life

Marvin Gunderman has cockroaches in his office, but he won't be calling the exterminator any time soon. The cockroaches are his pets, not pests. Gunderman, also known as the "bug man," is an insect aficionado.

Jun 09, 2007
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Cornell team will compete to build 100-mpg car

Cornell faculty, engineering students and MBA candidates are planning to compete for the Automotive X Prize, which offers a multimillion-dollar award for the team that builds a practical, marketable 100-mpg car.

Jun 09, 2007
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Silicon nanowires upgrade data-storage technology

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, along with colleagues at George Mason University and Kwangwoon University in Korea, have fabricated a memory device that combines silicon nanowires with a ...

Jun 09, 2007
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