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Black holes influence knowledge of the universe

Black holes have a reputation for voraciously eating everything in their immediate neighborhood, but these large gravity wells also affect electromagnetic radiation and may hinder our ability to ever locate the center of ...

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Powerful Tool Crunches Commutes

Websites for commuters are nothing new, but researchers in Sunnyvale, Calif., have developed an advanced system with a twist: in addition to tracking traffic congestion, the program crunches data from 14,000 sensors, in some ...

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Novel, computer-assisted method for colorization

A novel, computer-assisted method for colorizing black and white images and movies has been developed by researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering. ...

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Superglue of planet formation: Sticky ice

Pacific Northwest National Lab experiments point to clingy grains of ice to solve age-old mystery of how primordial dust pulled together to form planets How dust specks in the early solar systems came together ...

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Sharp Announces Second Generation 3D Notebook

Following a wake of awards and recognition for the Sharp Actius Notebook line, Sharp Systems of America today announced the availability of the Sharp Actius AL3D. Featuring Sharp’s 3D LCD Screen Technology, ...

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