Archive: 12/07/2009

New computer model could lead to safer stents

After suffering heart attacks, patients often receive stents designed to hold their arteries open. Some of these stents release drugs that are meant to halt tissue growth in arteries, but can have life-threatening side effects ...

dateDec 07, 2009 in Medical research
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White, but not pure

Even the snow on Aconcagua Mountain in the Andes is polluted with PCBs. An international team of researchers detected low concentrations of these toxic, carcinogenic chlorine compounds in samples taken from ...

dateDec 07, 2009 in Environment
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A virtual physician's conference

Telemedicine facilitates communication between family physicians, hospitals and nursing services -- yet current solutions lack flexibility and are consequently very expensive. A new software program is now ...

dateDec 07, 2009 in Software
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New screening tool helps identify children at risk

When a baby is born, new parents often wonder, "Will he be the next President of the United States?" or "Could she be the one to find a cure for cancer?" But the underlying question for many specialists is, "Is this child ...

dateDec 07, 2009 in Health
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Milling and drilling in cyberspace

Machinists, NC programmers or mechatronics engineers -- trainees in engineering jobs often have to master complex equipment. In the future, trainees will practice and learn milling, turning, drilling and programming ...

dateDec 07, 2009 in Engineering
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