Archive: 03/07/2008

New stem cell technique improves genetic alteration

UC Irvine researchers have discovered a dramatically improved method for genetically manipulating human embryonic stem cells, making it easier for scientists to study and potentially treat thousands of disorders ranging from ...

Mar 07, 2008
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Trading on social responsibility

Two of the leading lights in the academic world of international management recently revealed their inner thoughts on a wide range of economics, business and social issues in the European Journal of International Management from I ...

Mar 07, 2008
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More Men Tackle Household Tasks

American men are helping with chores and child care more than ever, a trend that ultimately contributes to healthier marriages, according to a researcher at the University of California, Riverside.

Mar 07, 2008
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Godwits readying for Alaska migration

A new cohort of godwits is preparing to leave Miranda, the second wave to have their epic 11,000km journey to and from Alaska monitored by satellite technology. Dr Phil Battley, of the University’s Ecology Group, is leading ...

Mar 07, 2008
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Web of entities: prepare to 'Okkamise'!

Internet searching is something of an art form. The spaghetti-like tangle of documents and fragments resulting from what you thought were perfectly cogent keyword searches make the web a forbidding place. European researchers ...

Mar 07, 2008
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Wireless networks that build themselves

From traffic lights to mobile phones, small computers are all around us. Enabling these ‘embedded systems’ to create wireless communications networks automatically will have profound effects in areas from emergency management ...

Mar 07, 2008
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