Archive: 08/06/2007

Biologist traces coconut's history through DNA

The coconut has been popular in lore and on palates for centuries, yet little is known about the history of coconut’s domestication and dispersal around the world.

Aug 06, 2007
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Divide-and-conquer strategy key to fast protein folding

Researchers have found that proteins may use a divide-and-conquer strategy to fold into their native states in mere microseconds. The physical strategy, called “zipping and assembly” (ZA), can increase ...

Aug 06, 2007 feature
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How cells change the pace of their steps

Scientists at UC San Diego have discovered how cells of higher organisms change the speed at which they move, a basic biological discovery that may help researchers devise ways to prevent cancer cells from ...

Aug 06, 2007
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First light for word's largest 'thermometer camera'

The world's largest bolometer camera for submillimetre astronomy is now in service at the 12-m APEX telescope, located on the 5100m high Chajnantor plateau in the Chilean Andes. LABOCA was specifically designed for the study ...

Aug 06, 2007
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Anthrax bacterium's deadly secrets probed

New insights into why the bug that causes anthrax behaves in the unusual way that it does have come to light thanks to a development under the UK e-Science Programme. Researchers at the North East Regional e-Science Centre ...

Aug 06, 2007
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