Archive: 07/06/2006

Biologists solve plant hormone enigma

Gardeners and farmers have used the plant hormone auxin for decades and now U.S. scientists have found how plants produce and distribute the hormone.

Jul 06, 2006
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Scientist develops enzyme inhibitor that may slow cancer growth

University of Illinois scientist Tim Garrow, in collaboration with Jiri Jiracek of the Czech Academy of Sciences, has applied for a provisional patent on a class of chemicals that has future therapeutic uses in medicine, ...

Jul 06, 2006
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Italians drinking less wine

Researchers say the amount of wine Italians drink has fallen considerably over the past 30 years.

Jul 06, 2006
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Prostate treatment not always needed

A Canadian urologist says younger men diagnosed with early prostate cancer may be able to live long lives without treatment.

Jul 06, 2006
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Blinkx to lead in video search engine

When it comes to video searching on the Net, blinkx is big. Deeming itself the smartest and largest video search engine on the Web, delivers 4 million hours of searchable content -- audio, video, and TV via RSS ...

Jul 06, 2006
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Poor countries to get new AIDS pill

A new 3-in-1 AIDS pill made in India and approved by U.S. drug regulators is expected to treat patients in poor countries.

Jul 06, 2006
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