Archive: 07/06/2006

Developmental brain disorders studied

U.S. scientists say a recent genetic study of developmental brain disorders might lead to a better understanding of a number of congenital diseases.

Jul 06, 2006
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Improving your diet may not help you beat stress

Research published online today in the Journal of Proteome Research, shows how improving the diet of rats placed in stressful environments did not normalise their metabolic profile, an indicator of their health.

Jul 06, 2006
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Statins stop hepatitis C virus replication

Japanese scientists say they've found statins, typically used as anti-cholesterol medications, can inhibit the replication of the hepatitis C virus.

Jul 06, 2006
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Take new look at cellular suicide

Like a bodyguard turned traitor, a protein whose regular job is to help repair severed DNA molecules will, in some cases, join forces with another protein to do the opposite and chop the DNA to bits, according to new research ...

Jul 06, 2006
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New video site will pay content creators

As YouTube, Google Video and other video Web sites continue to explode in popularity, a lot of content production is being asked of users with nothing in return. Enter Kevin Flynn.

Jul 06, 2006
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Researchers find Down, Alzheimer's link

Stanford University researchers say they may have found a key that causes people with Down syndrome to develop early Alzheimer's disease.

Jul 06, 2006
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Study: Corals can switch skeletal material

U.S. marine geologists say they've determined corals can change their skeletons, using different minerals depending on the seawater's chemical composition.

Jul 06, 2006
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