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Voting for online democracy

The Internet may be used to power elections in towns, cities, countries, and even across Europe thanks to the work of a recently completed project. It would mean voters could cast their ballots at home, in the street via ...

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The graphical 'Google' for engineers goes 3D

The first commercial design retrieval system in the world that can find 2D engineering drawings from a sketch has now been extended to work with 3D CAD solid modelling environments. The new system is tightly integrated wit ...

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Prospecting for oil, and life on Mars

Techniques usually used to find oil and gas in the North Sea could help scientists establish whether life could survive on Mars The surface of Mars is covered with craters, caused by crashing meteorites. ...

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New study: Hell not as bad as we thought

The very earliest years of Earth have long been presumed hot, violent and terrible – so much so that the era from 4.5 billion years to 4 billion years ago is known as the Hadean Eon, or Hellish time. However, a f ...

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Shake and stir to make granular materials change phases

In an experiment originally planned for the International Space Station, physicists at Duke University have devised a controlled, measurable method to make a container of granules -- in this case plastic beads -- "freeze" ...

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