Archive: 10/05/2006

Here come the nanoSQUIDs

A French scientific team says it has developed the first nanoSQUID -- or superconducting quantum interference device -- for measuring magnetic fields.

dateOct 05, 2006 in Nanophysics
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Missouri to vote on stem cell issue

Politicians across the United States will be watching Missouri voters next month to see how they vote on a referendum supporting stem cell research.

dateOct 05, 2006 in Other
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Scientists study home range factors

A team of European scientists says it has determined what factors affect the home range size among individuals of one species.

dateOct 05, 2006 in
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Bleached chopsticks warning issued

Taiwanese officials say they've found excessive levels of sulfur dioxide in some bamboo products, including disposable chopsticks and skewers.

dateOct 05, 2006 in Health
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