Archive: 03/12/2008

Breakthrough Made in Metamaterial Optics

( -- Researchers have solved one of the significant remaining challenges with photonic “metamaterials,” discovering a way to prevent the loss of light as it passes through these materials, and opening the ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Optics & Photonics
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NASA's Swift looks to comets for a cool view

NASA's Swift Gamma-ray Explorer satellite rocketed into space in 2004 on a mission to study some of the highest-energy events in the universe. The spacecraft has detected more than 380 gamma-ray bursts, fleeting flares that ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Uncovering the real dirt on granular flow

( -- A handful of sand contains countless grains, which interact with each other via friction and impact forces as they slip through your fingers. When a handful becomes a load in an excavator bucket, those interactions ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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Learning by blogging

( -- Many students learn best working together on structured, self-directed projects. European researchers have created software that links student blogs and other social software tools into a virtual collaborative ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Software
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Air pollution model takes off

Australia’s capabilities in understanding the impact of air pollution have advanced with a new version of software that can predict the direction and concentration of odours and pollutants.

dateDec 03, 2008 in Environment
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New monitor for eye disease

( -- The monitoring and treatment of eye diseases that may cause blindness has taken a big leap forward, thanks to a new imaging technique that takes high quality colour photographs of the whole retina.