Archive: 12/03/2008

Learning by blogging

( -- Many students learn best working together on structured, self-directed projects. European researchers have created software that links student blogs and other social software tools into a virtual collaborative ...

Dec 03, 2008
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Air pollution model takes off

Australia’s capabilities in understanding the impact of air pollution have advanced with a new version of software that can predict the direction and concentration of odours and pollutants.

Dec 03, 2008
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New monitor for eye disease

( -- The monitoring and treatment of eye diseases that may cause blindness has taken a big leap forward, thanks to a new imaging technique that takes high quality colour photographs of the whole ...

Dec 03, 2008
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Cellular senescence a double-edged sword

Scientists have identified a molecular cause behind the ravages of old age and in doing so have also shown how a natural process for fighting cancer in younger persons can actually promote cancer in older individuals. Cellular ...

Dec 03, 2008
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Golf course: Playing fields, wildlife sanctuaries or both

"FORE"...Though they may not help improve a person's golf game, stream salamanders might change the way golfers think about the local country club in the near future, following a new University of Missouri study.

Dec 03, 2008
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ESA satellites flying in formation

( -- Based on the outstanding success of the first tandem mission between ERS-2 and Envisat last year, ESA has paired the two satellites together again to help improve our understanding of the ...

Dec 03, 2008
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When 'just say no' isn't enough: Try science

Teens are fascinated by their brains, the way they work, change, and even "freeze" sometimes. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recommends that parents, teachers and caregivers use that fascination ...

Dec 03, 2008
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