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Rooted plants move mysteriously down greenways, scientists say

The wild pea pod is big and heavy, with seemingly little prayer of escaping the shade of its parent plant. And yet, like a grounded teenager who knows where the car keys are hidden, it manages – if it has a reasonable chance ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in
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Researchers discover new enzyme in cancer growth

While studying the mechanics of blood clots, researchers at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center discovered a new enzyme that not only affects the blood, but seems to play a primary role in how cancer tumors ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Cancer
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Sick or just sick of work?

( -- With the winter weather making it hard to get out of bed in the morning, some employees may contemplate calling in sick to work, even if they feel just a bit under the weather. But a Purdue University ethics ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Health
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Breakthrough Made in Metamaterial Optics

( -- Researchers have solved one of the significant remaining challenges with photonic “metamaterials,” discovering a way to prevent the loss of light as it passes through these materials, and opening the ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Optics & Photonics
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Uncovering the real dirt on granular flow

( -- A handful of sand contains countless grains, which interact with each other via friction and impact forces as they slip through your fingers. When a handful becomes a load in an excavator bucket, those interactions ...

dateDec 03, 2008 in Computer Sciences
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