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Wireless World: PDAs reduce medical errors

Medical errors are declining dramatically at hospitals and healthcare centers that are using sophisticated wireless technology to let physicians communicate with nurses and other medical practitioners, experts tell UPI's ...

Jun 02, 2006
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Discovery of How Bacteria Sense Their Environments

When humans taste or smell, receptors unique to each nerve cell detect the chemical and send signals to the brain, where many cells process the message to understand what we are smelling or tasting. But a bacterium is just ...

Jun 02, 2006
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ISS crew completes spacewalk

U.S. space agency NASA's Jeff Williams and his Russian companion aboard the International Space Station have completed a spacewalk for making repairs.

Jun 02, 2006
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Bridgestone Develops Electronic Paper Display

Bridgestone Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of tires and other rubber products, has succeeded in the development of the "world's largest-class, thinnest and flexible color display" as reflective electronic ...

Jun 02, 2006
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3G TV goes interactive

First there were Web cams. Then there were camera phones and 3G television streaming. Now there's BLOGTV, a kind of cable access for the 21st century.

Jun 02, 2006
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Smoking linked to premature death

A Japanese doctor has found that smoking is more dangerous to people's health than high levels of cholesterol, sugar and high blood pressure.

Jun 02, 2006
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Sexual attitudes changing in South Korea

Two-thirds of South Korean college students said premarital sex was acceptable, reflecting an increasingly liberal mindset among Korean youths, a survey showed.

Jun 02, 2006
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