Archive: 06/02/2006

SPEAR3 Accelerator Approved for 500mA

This spring the Department of Energy gave SPEAR3 license to run the accelerator at 500 milliamperes (mA), the current the accelerator was designed to use. Since it opened in January 2004, the machine has operated ...

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Project seeks monsoon storm source

This monsoon season will be like no other, according to Joseph Zehnder, a meteorologist with Arizona State University. The reason is because it will be studied more extensively than any other monsoon season.

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Sensor opens up study of crucial molecule

MIT scientists have discovered a way to monitor a crucial molecule as it goes about its business within living cells. The molecule, nitric oxide (NO), plays critical roles in the human body -- from the destruction ...

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Globe Talk: Enron's broadband debacle

Enron was nothing if not flamboyant and eager to pursue the latest business trends. While its focus was on energy trading, it had expanded into telecommunications among other industries as executives cooked the books and ...

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