Archive: 04/01/2010

Combinatorial therapy allows viruses to destroy tumors

For several years, researchers have been developing a new approach to treating cancer that uses viruses to infect and kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. Recent data have indicated that this approach, which ...

dateApr 01, 2010 in Cancer
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Genetic form of anemia defined molecularly

Sideroblastic anemia is a form of anemia caused by an inability to incorporate iron into hemoglobin, something that is essential if the molecule is to perform its vital function of carrying oxygen from the lungs to the tissues. ...

dateApr 01, 2010 in Medical research
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2 million eager for health care on parents' plans

(AP) -- Congress voted to overhaul the health care system on a Sunday. On Monday, Patti Lawson e-mailed her employer's human resources office to ask how soon she could get her 22-year-old daughter back on ...

dateApr 01, 2010 in Health
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