Chinese writing: From complexity to greater complexity

The world's major writing systems have tended to simplify over time, with a notable exception: New research shows that the Chinese writing system has become increasingly complex over the course of its 3000-year history.

Israel acquires rare ancient papyrus with Hebrew inscription

Israel has acquired a previously unknown ancient papyrus bearing a Hebrew inscription dated to around 2,700 years ago that had long been in possession of a Montana resident, the country's antiquities authority said Wednesday.

Toward 4D printing with structural colors

The colors in the world around us are produced through either absorption of light by molecules (pigmentary colors) or scattering of light by nanostructures (structural colors). Nature provides many spectacular examples of ...

Lustrous-colored 3D printing using liquid crystals

What do cosmetics, car finishes, passports, bank notes, tropical insects, and oysters have in common? The color is formed through a specific microscopic organization of the matter making up the material, often called "iridescent" ...

Taking microelectronics to a new dimension

Metallic microstructures are the key components in almost every current or emerging technology. For example, with the next wireless communication standard (6G) being established, the need for advanced components and especially ...

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