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Feeling rushed at the food ordering kiosk? You're not alone

If you've been to a fast-food restaurant recently, you've probably noticed that self-service kiosks are beginning to replace human workers. But as you go to place your order and the lunch-rush crowd grows behind you, have ...

What is happening to US higher education?

Recent technological advancements and new players have shaken up various industries, like entertainment and transportation. Now, these same changes are affecting higher education in America. New research out of Vanderbilt ...

Challenging the gig economy

Employee engagement among independent gig workers is an important issue facing organizations working with remote teams and individuals. A study published in the International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy, ...

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One of the construction trades, traditionally considered unskilled manual labor (as opposed to skilled labor). In the division of labor, laborers have all blasting, hand tools, power tools, air tools, and small heavy equipment, and act as assistants to other trades , e.g. operators or cement masons. The first century BC engineer Vitruvius writes in detail about laborer practices at that time. In his experience a good crew of laborers is just as valuable as any other aspect of construction. Other than the addition of pneumatics, laborer practices have changed little. With the advent of advanced technology and its introduction into the construction field, the laborers have been quick to include much of this technology as being laborers work.

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