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1980s-era Commodore 64 PC returns, revamped

Commodore 64, the hottest-selling personal computer in the 1980s, is back - with the same bulky breadbox look but updated with the latest technology.

Linguists to re-think reason for short words

( -- Linguists have thought for many years the length of words is related to the frequency of use, with short words used more often than long ones. Now researchers in the US have shown the length is more closely ...

Speak and these apps will listen and transcribe

Voice recording for memos, interviews and lectures has moved - like so many tasks - to the smartphone. These applications help you save, or transcribe, the spoken word.

The meaning of emoticons

The emoticons used on Twitter are a language in themselves and are taking on new and often surprising meanings of their own, according to new research.

Study shows ancient relations between language families

How do language families evolve over many thousands of years? How stable over time are structural features of languages? Researchers Dan Dediu and Stephen Levinson from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen ...

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