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Study finds drought fuels invasive species after wildfires

In a study recently published in the journal Ecology, University of California, Irvine scientists uncover the intricate dance between drought, wildfires and invasive species in Southern California's coastal sage scrub ecosystems.

Women train to fight fire with fire in Portugal

Women from around the world gathered in northwest Portugal this week to practice a traditional technique of deliberately burning land to prevent the kind of wildfires—intensified by climate change—that have killed hundreds ...

Burning question: what can we expect in a 1.5C world?

Massive wildfires exposing millions to toxic smoke, drought shriveling crops and key waterways, destructive storms supercharged by record ocean temperatures—in the last year the world has had a taste of what to expect with ...

Chile's deadly wildfires extinguished

Firefighters said Wednesday they had extinguished all wildfires in Chile's coastal region of Valparaiso, where flames razed entire communities and left 131 dead.

Wildlife smoke may curb movement, sociability of woodpeckers

Human-driven climate change has helped transform many forests into kindling: A 2016 study found that greenhouse-aided warming and drought had more than doubled the area of fire-susceptible forest in the western U.S. since ...

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