Iraq's Garden of Eden now 'like a desert'

To feed and cool his buffaloes, Hashem Gassed must cross 10 kilometers (six miles) of sunburnt land in southern Iraq, where drought is devastating swathes of the mythical Mesopotamian Marshes.

The historical roots of a contemporary groundwater crisis

For well over a century the immense biodiversity of the lands that constitute Spain's Doñana National Park has attracted the attention of hunters, nature-lovers, and natural scientists from across the Western world. Iberian ...

Italy to kill 1,000 pigs in swine fever outbreak

A thousand pigs will be slaughtered after two cases of swine fever were detected on a farm in Rome's Lazio region, officials said Friday, spurring fears of a blow to the country's pork industry.

Citizen science data are crucial to understand wildlife roadkill

The road is a dangerous place for animals: They can easily get run over, which can seriously affect wildlife diversity and populations in the long term. There is also a human economic cost and possible injury or even death ...

Swine fever in wild boars worries Italy's pork industry

The discovery of African swine fever in northern Italy has Italian pork producers fearing significant economic damage to a major agricultural export and has forced curtailing of the official seasons to hunt for game and to ...

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