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Study provides framework for assessing emotions in wild animals

A world-first holistic framework for assessing the mental and psychological well-being of wild animals has been developed by UTS Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr. Andrea Harvey, a veterinarian and animal welfare ...

How archaeologists can help us live with wild animals

For thousands of years, people in the British Isles lived with and depended on wild animals for food and clothes. The land teemed with species such as deer, boar, wolves, lynx and beavers. Then came farming, population growth ...

Slow-paced nature TV captivates Swedish audiences

Using dozens of cameras set up throughout Sweden's massive forests, weeks-long live broadcasts of elk and other wild animals, or just as often not much at all, have captured Swedish audiences' hearts.

Researchers call for single approach on wild horses

The U.S. federal government's management of wild horses is doomed to fail without fundamental changes in policy and the law, according to a new paper led by researchers at the University of Wyoming and Oklahoma State University.

Study shows bird feeding helps small birds fight infection

Seeds and fat balls do more than just fill small birds' stomachs. New research from Lund University in Sweden shows that feeding during the wintertime causes birds to be healthier, since they do not have to expend as much ...

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