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Using dunes to interpret wind on Mars

Dunes develop when wind-blown sand organizes into patterns, most often in deserts and arid or semi-arid parts of the world. Every continent on Earth has dune fields, but dunes and dune-like sand patterns are also found across ...

Exceptional heat hits Pacific Northwest

Extraordinary heat events occur around the planet during most summers, but the current heatwave in the Pacific Northwest is truly exceptional. In June 2021, all-time temperature records fell in multiple cities in the U.S. ...

Bacteria used to clean diesel-polluted soil in Greenland

Diesel-polluted soil from now-defunct military outposts in Greenland can be remediated using naturally occurring soil bacteria, according to an extensive five-year experiment in Mestersvig, East Greenland, to which the University ...

Calculating human health risks with general weather data

Weather stations provide detailed records of temperature, precipitation, and storm events. These stations, however, are not always well spaced and can be scattered throughout cities or can even be absent in remote regions.

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