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Water, water not quite everywhere

Are environmental changes in the Mediterranean region influencing human mobility in the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) region? That is the question that Bruno Venditto of the Institute of Studies on Mediterranean Societies, ...

dateNov 06, 2018 in Social Sciences
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Will there be enough water in the future?

The average person in Europe uses 3000-5000 litres of water per day, of which the lion's share is spent on food production—a considerable part on the other side of the globe. The world's limited water resources are becoming ...

dateNov 02, 2018 in Environment
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ESA's role in easing water scarcity

Water is crucial to life on Earth. But today, its overexploitation and pollution present challenges for the environment, economies and global living standards. These issues are addressed by the United Nations' Sustainable ...

dateAug 28, 2018 in Environment
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