Understanding tropical rainfall, both past and present

A drop of rainwater that falls on a cassava field in Uganda takes a different path than one that falls 500 miles east in Somalia. Knowing where rain comes from now, and where it might come from under future climate scenarios, ...

Radiokrypton dating plumbs mysteries of water aquifers

We tap it, pump it and draw it from below the surface of every imaginable landscape, from desert to well-manicured suburban yard. It is the one essential ingredient required to sustain life. Water.

Decomposition of toxic products in drinking water infiltration

Israel has declared war against drought. Five desalination plants generate around 600 million cubic metres of fresh water every year, which is about 70 percent of the consumption required by private households. Because the ...

Graphene membranes can make nuclear industry greener

Graphene could help reduce the energy cost of producing heavy water and decontamination in nuclear power plants by over one hundred times compared with current technologies, University of Manchester research indicates.

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