Surveying wetlands for infectious bird flu—and finding it

Recently, morning omelets and holiday dinners have gotten more expensive. One likely cause is bird flu, outbreaks of which led to the deaths of millions of chickens and turkeys from infection or culling in 2022, according ...

A croc's life: There's more than meets the eye

Saltwater crocodiles are large predators that lurk in muddy waters, with jaws powerful enough to attack anything from water buffalo to humans... but they are also just big chilled-out lounge-lizards who love to sunbake.

World losing high-stakes fight against invasive species

Invasive species that wreck crops, ravage forests, spread disease, and upend ecosystems are spreading ever faster across the globe, and humanity has not been able to stem the tide, a major scientific assessment said Monday.

Cracking the mysterious case of dying desert forests

From above, the Southwestern U.S. is a sea of caramel and brown desert. Yet, a closer look uncovers small ribbons of green—desert forests that flourish along valuable springs and rivers. Wildlife thrives at these oases, ...

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