How early farmers in Scandinavia overcame climate change

As the world faces the challenges of present-day climate change, scientific inquiry is, among other objectives, exploring how human societies navigate environmental variations at large. Investigating the past provides valuable ...

Examining how Mei-yu precipitation responds to climate change

Mei-yu (i.e., plume rain) is a distinct weather phenomenon in East Asia during summer, which is generally characterized by persistent rainy and cloudy weather in the middle-lower Yangtze River valley (hereinafter referred ...

Warming beaches threaten Yemen sea turtles' future

On a Yemeni beach, a sea turtle clambers ashore to lay eggs, which will likely be born female due to rising temperatures, creating a gender imbalance that brings the threat of local extinction.

How the age of mammals could end

Throughout the past 500 million years, our planet has experienced a total of five mass extinctions. One of these—the Permo-Triassic mass extinction event—led to the demise of roughly 90% of Earth's species.

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