College major choices can predict gender wage gaps

For the first time ever, college-educated women appear on track to outnumber college-educated men in the workforce, a milestone in what has been a decades-long trend. However, those women still trail their male peers in compensation.

How coworkers impact the value of your skills

In today's world, most workers are highly specialized, but this specialization can come at a cost—especially for those on the wrong team. New research by Harvard's Growth Lab uncovers the importance of teams and coworkers ...

Unemployment pushes more men to take on female-dominated jobs

In the last few decades, many high-paying jobs that are mostly done by men—like manufacturing—have contracted or disappeared. At the same time, many jobs in fields dominated by women—like education and health care—have ...

How your speech could impact your salary

Most Americans are aware that English sounds different throughout the country, and that those regional differences can contribute to widely held stereotypes. But a leading University of Chicago economist has uncovered how ...

Historically black colleges give graduates a wage boost

In 2010, two economists claimed that graduates of historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs, suffer a "wage penalty"—that is, they earn relatively less than they would had they gone to a non-HBCU.

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