AI-enabled bio-loggers capture rare bird behavior

For centuries, naturalists have braved trackless forests, windy clifftops, and the cramped confines of blinds and submarines, hoping to capture rare behaviors that might reveal important aspects of animal biology and ecology. ...

Blink and you'll miss these plants shooting their seeds

If you happened upon a witch hazel plant in the forest, you might describe it as a sweet-smelling shrub with crinkly ribbon-like petals. But to Duke University graduate student Justin Jorge, it's a howitzer.

Video: The secret social lives of sharks

Great white sharks gather seasonally around Mexico's Guadalupe Island—and some like to hang out together, according to research led by FIU marine scientist Yannis Papastamatiou.

AI decodes flatback turtle behavior in Roebuck Bay

The flatback turtle (Natator depressus) is endemic to northern Australia and although females come ashore to lay their eggs, little is known about the species' behavior at sea.

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