Why are we so divided? Zero-sum thinking is part of it

A recent working paper charts the surprising politics of zero-sum thinking—or the belief that one individual or group's gain is another's loss—with a goal of offering fresh insight into our nation's schisms.

Women sidelined in agri-tech revolution

The exclusion of women in the digital world is hurting agricultural productivity in low- and middle- income countries, according to global technology experts.

Low upward mobility linked to early mortality

Upward mobility—the capacity to improve one's socioeconomic status—is key to realizing the American dream of a long, prosperous, and happy life, Yale researchers say. In a new study, they found a strong relationship between ...

Swedish workers among Europe's best-paid in late 1800s

In 19th-century Sweden, workers' wages rose faster than in other European countries. By 1900, they were among the highest in Europe, and the steepest rise of all had been for those who earned least. This is shown by new research ...

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