The future of work is flexible, says new study

New research from the University of Kent and the University of Birmingham has found that mass homeworking during the COVID-19 lockdown has presented significant challenges for parents, particularly mothers, but has also changed ...

Women's burden increases in COVID-19 era

The triple burden endured by women in productive, reproductive, and community roles has been exposed and intensified due to COVID-19-enforced lockdown and quarantine restrictions. Rsearchers conducted interviews with women ...

The social media economy benefits few, new book suggests

Fashion bloggers and Instagrammers seem to enjoy a coveted lifestyle, with jet-setting to exotic locales, couture clothing furnished by designers and countless other caption-worthy experiences.

Unpaid work experience rife in Australia – report

Unpaid work experience is widespread in Australia, with more than half of young adults having undertaken an unpaid placement, according to research conducted for the Federal Government's Department of Employment.

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