Researchers solve a 150-year-old mystery about aetosaurs

Aetosaurs had a small head and a crocodile-like body. The land dwellers were up to six meters long and widely distributed geographically. They died out about 204 million years ago, at the end of the Triassic.

'Relentless cyclones' continue to batter US state of California

A "relentless parade of cyclones" hitting the US state of California was expected to shift farther to the north, the US National Weather Service said Thursday, as the region continued to struggle with massive floods and landslides.

Why the spongy moth outbreak has vanished in Québec

Last year, forests across southern Québec and Ontario and much of New England turned eerily leafless. The air hummed with the sound of munching mandibles and tree trunks were covered with a writhing carpet of caterpillars, ...

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