Five ways nanotechnology is securing your future

The past 70 years have seen the way we live and work transformed by two tiny inventions. The electronic transistor and the microchip are what make all modern electronics possible, and since their development in the 1940s ...

High-tech sensors help kids keep eye on aging parents

Each time 81-year-old Bill Dworsky or his 80-year-old wife Dorothy opens the refrigerator, closes the bathroom door or lifts the lid on a pill container, tiny sensors in their San Francisco home make notes on a digital logbook.

With 'Internet of Things,' your fridge will know when milk is low

The "Internet of Things" is here. Americans are adapting to a world in which virtually everything - from cellphones and cars to washing machines and refrigerators - is going to be connected to the Internet or networks. Many ...

Bee sensors take flight to help farmers

Thousands of honey bees in Australia are being fitted with tiny sensors as part of a world-first research program to monitor the insects and their environment using a technique known as 'swarm sensing'.

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