Moiré effect: How to twist material properties

2D materials have triggered a boom in materials research. Now it turns out that exciting effects occur when two such layered materials are stacked and slightly twisted.

Smaller, more powerful devices possible with new technique

Shrinking semiconductors even further would enable a whole new silicon revolution. But because that's impossible, the next best hope is integrating semiconductors with 2-D atomically-thin materials, such as graphene, upon ...

Scientists create armour for fragile quantum technology

An international team of scientists has invented the equivalent of body armour for extremely fragile quantum systems, which will make them robust enough to be used as the basis for a new generation of low-energy electronics.

Coating plastics with porous nanofilm

Pore size in porous materials affects the property of the material. For example, small pores create more absorbent surface areas. Silica gel, which is often used in food packaging to soak up moisture, is one typical example.

Nano coatings with many functions

Materials that simultaneously have contrasting properties—for example, they are soft on the one hand and hard on the other, with a gradual transition between the two properties—could enable completely new applications ...

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