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Temperatures are rising, but soil is getting wetter—why?

Soil moisture can determine how quickly a wildfire spreads, how fast a hill turns into a mudslide, and perhaps most importantly, how productive our food systems are. As temperatures rise due to human-caused climate change, ...

A new perspective on the temperature inside tropical forests

Tropical forests host up to half of the planet's biodiversity but up to now, ecological studies over tropical forests often relied on large scale datasets depicting open-air temperatures—that is, the temperature outside ...

Higher measurement accuracy opens new window to the quantum world

A team at HZB has developed a new measurement method that, for the first time, accurately detects tiny temperature differences in the range of 100 microKelvin in the thermal Hall effect. Previously, these temperature differences ...

Research team describes the composition of asteroid Phaethon

Asteroid Phaethon, which is five kilometers in diameter, has been puzzling researchers for a long time. A comet-like tail is visible for a few days when the asteroid passes closest to the sun during its orbit.

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