Microscaffolds: A new strategy in tissue engineering

Until now, there have been two completely different approaches to producing artificial tissue. At TU Wien, a third approach has now been developed that combines the advantages of both.

Printing optical chips as a layer cake

Faster, more energy-efficient ICT, or sensors to detect anything between beginning fruit rot and microscopic cracks in glass fibers: photonic technology holds great promises for the future. To deliver on those promises, a ...

Deep insights into a living fungus

In order to examine tissues under the microscope, they usually have to be cut into thin slices. But it is impossible to analyze whole tissues or living organisms in this way. However, this is exactly what two Mexican research ...

Exploring when a protein's prone to wander

Exactly how proteins interact with solid surfaces is a concern for health care manufacturers who design drugs, make biosensors or develop anti-fouling materials.

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