Bronze Age herders were less mobile than previously thought

Bronze Age pastoralists in what is now southern Russia apparently covered shorter distances than previously thought. It is believed that the Indo-European languages may have originated from this region, and these findings ...

Automated braille writing tutor wins Touch of Genius prize

An innovative device developed by Carnegie Mellon University's TechBridgeWorld research group to help visually impaired students learn how to write Braille using a slate and stylus is the winner of the 2014 Louis Braille ...

Innovation in Chilean vegetable and flower sector

It all began with a question from Wageningen UR Chile, the South American branch of Wageningen UR: "Is there expertise in the Netherlands to assist Chilean vegetable growers in modernising their businesses?" A three-year ...

Positive action to improve gender balance in science

Despite their increasing participation in higher education and research, women are still significantly underrepresented in certain scientific and technical disciplines and remarkably few women remain in top jobs in science.

Germany quashes Apple's patent on unlocking iPhones

Germany's patent court invalidated Friday a patent held by Apple—and contested by rivals Motorola and Samsung—on its "slide to unlock" function for smartphones, but the ruling can still be appealed.

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